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i don’t want to repeat my story here. I’m too tired and probably falling sick soon. I feel like every one is needing emotional and mental support but no one is giving that to me [except fr some friends] but i really feel like i need some hugs. i really want to hug someone and cry. im holding in so much. i feel like im gonna explode. exploded once. but i really wish this time, i can hug someone.. and just let my tears flow freely..


I was right.

You are not the one for me. I can’t trust you enough.


I’m almost 21. But I still feel 12. I feel like I have changed a lot for the past 9 years. I don’t know what I have become. That sense of self.. is still in midst of transformation.

still searching for what makes me happy.

Just so frustrated.

the person doing the dishes, mopping the floor, whipping up nice meals, washing the toilet, changing the bedsheets, washing and ironing the clothes..

have you really taken time to thank this person? express your gratitude? make them smile?

count your blessings.


broken love, broken dreams, broken hopes

broken smiles, broken tears, broken heart

at the end of the day, when everything’s broken,

you can rebuild your destiny.


i used to think that I want someone who can make me laugh.. but i realise that’s not enough cos the person is then, not there to catch my tears.

can i say I just want to find a balanced person? who can be with me through it all and never lose faith in the love we have?

it’s a simple wish but this someone is so not easy to find.


I was waiting for yesterday, only to realise it is over.

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