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it’s so not easy

i dunno why i will still cry when i think abt my exes. I dunno why they seem to move on so easy. Like the past never happened. Like they never wanted me back. It’s so not easy to move on and I know that deep down I’m still hurting and not ready to accept any new guys in my life. I need to remember to forget…


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  1. Shuqing said:

    Life’s like that
    GUYS are like that
    we need to be strong & pull ourselves up
    we need to show them that life’s so much better w/o them

    Come to me, I can give you that sisterly/bestie love (:

  2. 关道尚 said:


    • shokureun said:

      是的。我明白。。 但是,我仍然活在记忆里, 走不出美好的回忆。 我看不到美好的将来。 爱情,真的好难理解,好难守护。我现在只能好好守着自己的心。很感谢有朋友们的关怀=]

  3. never get an ex back. i repeat. never. the style is to walk on, don’t look back and show them that you can do so much better. girls need strength and style 😉

  4. Burn and flush a photograph of him (and his memories as well). Or call him and scold him the most vile things ever. Take out your anger with him on the phone.

    • shokureun said:

      haha. im flushing the memories la. =] thought of burning.. but then um hard to get out alone to do it. some other day i will. im not angry… =] i’ll do my best to move on =D i have more fun things to think of now! =]

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