A window to my world

not good day

I lost sleep again. This time, i din take coffee. Just thinking abt you was enough to keep me up. It’s frustrating that the vision we shared don’t seem to work out. I’m starting to feel that same sense of insecurity I had in the past. Is it really just me? We all know the saying, if u let the bird fly and it comes back, it’s yours..

Im still learning to let you fly. After all, we do come from vastly different backgrounds. I was never a free bird. And that’s why Im envious and wish to fly like you do. But I’m used to my comfort zone. Used to my lifestyle. It’s so hard to readjust for you. Can you readjust more for me too?

The voices in my head held a debate over this. Whether it’s good to carry on, whether it’d be better if we stick together to learn and grow, or part and live our lives as we see fit.  I see so much potential and yet I see so many hurdles. The hurdles are in the short term. The potential lies in the long term. But can we cross this together?

I have to say I’m still very much a child at heart. I admit I have many flaws. But do you see more than this? Do you see more beyond these flaws? If only I had a crystal ball, I’d peek into the future and know what to do now.

I guess.. I shud rest my head and escape in my dreams.


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