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I miss something I can never get back.

“Walk Away”

I’m gonna remember you
You’re gonna remember me
I’m gonna remember you
You’re gonna remember me

You gonna remember me boo
I’m gonna remember you too
I can’t forget all the crazy shhh.. we used to do
You was doing too much
I wasn’t doing enough
That’s what your friends are saying
You got a man anyway
I can’t explain it neither
I ain’t never wanna leave ya
Hell ya its hard to walk away when I see ya
When I see ya I remember the day
You put your shoes on and moved on
Before I could say

I saw you with your new girl just yesterday
And I feel that I must confess
Even though it kills me to have to say
I’ll admit that I was impressed
Physically just short of perfection
Gotta commend you on your selection
Though I know I shouldn’t be concerned
In the back of my mind
I can’t help but question
Does she rub your feet
When you’ve had a long day
Scratch your scalp
When you take out your braids
Does she know that you like too
Play PS2 till 6 in the morning
Like I do

I can’t explain this feeling
I think about it everyday
And even though we’ve moved on
It gets so hard to walk away
(I’m gonna remember you
You’re gonna remember me)
Walk Away, Walk Away
(I’m gonna remember you
You’re gonna remember me)

I can’t forget how we used to be
Our life from day to day
Hoping maybe you’ll come back
And though I tell myself not to be afraid
To move on but it seems I can’t
Though a new man has given me attention
It ain’t the same as your affection
Though I know I should be content
In the back of my mind
I can’t help but question
Does he kiss me on the forehead
Before we play
Show up on my doorstep
(with a bouquet)
Does he call me in the middle of the day
Just to say hey baby I love you
Like you used to

I can’t explain this feeling
I think about it everyday
And even though we’ve moved on
It gets so hard to walk away
(I’m gonna remember you
You’re gonna remember me)
Walk Away, Walk Away
(I’m gonna remember you
You’re gonna remember me)

I’m Gonna Remember You
Your Gonna Remember Me
The things we did
The way we shared our fantasies
Just you and me
My friend, my love, my family
How did we loose a love that seemed meant to be
Sometimes I kiss her and wish that it was you I’m kissing
Sometimes I miss him and wish that it was you I’m missing
Sometimes I hug her and wish that it was you I was hugging
And I realize how much I’m bugging
I miss you

Walk Away, Walk Away

(I’m Gonna Remember You
Your Gonna Remember Me)

So hard to express this feeling
Cause nobody compares to you
And you know she’ll never love you like I do

I can’t explain this feeling
I think about it everyday
And even though we’ve moved on
It gets so hard to walk away

(I’m gonna remember you
You’re gonna remember me)

Walk Away, Walk Away

Remember You

(I’m gonna remember you
You’re gonna remember me)

(I’m gonna remember you
You’re gonna remember me)


can true love exist without sex?




i guess i was too emo =|

i need to recenter myself soon

not good day

I lost sleep again. This time, i din take coffee. Just thinking abt you was enough to keep me up. It’s frustrating that the vision we shared don’t seem to work out. I’m starting to feel that same sense of insecurity I had in the past. Is it really just me? We all know the saying, if u let the bird fly and it comes back, it’s yours..

Im still learning to let you fly. After all, we do come from vastly different backgrounds. I was never a free bird. And that’s why Im envious and wish to fly like you do. But I’m used to my comfort zone. Used to my lifestyle. It’s so hard to readjust for you. Can you readjust more for me too?

The voices in my head held a debate over this. Whether it’s good to carry on, whether it’d be better if we stick together to learn and grow, or part and live our lives as we see fit.  I see so much potential and yet I see so many hurdles. The hurdles are in the short term. The potential lies in the long term. But can we cross this together?

I have to say I’m still very much a child at heart. I admit I have many flaws. But do you see more than this? Do you see more beyond these flaws? If only I had a crystal ball, I’d peek into the future and know what to do now.

I guess.. I shud rest my head and escape in my dreams.

Not attracted to bf physically but love him yet feel like breaking up?


good advice.

I count my blessings


Find a guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep… wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks you’ re just as pretty without makeup on. One who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares and how lucky he is to have YOU… The one who turns to his friends and says, thats her…

boyfriend dun like sex? good article.

Click here to find out more!

My boyfriend does not like sex


I have been with my boyfriend for a total of about five years now. I say total, as we were together for three years, apart for three years and have been back together for two.

I would say that the main reason that we broke up the first time (for me) was that there was literally no sex, ever! We discussed it a number of times but he always just said the same thing – I’m not that bothered about sex, yes I do fancy you, etc.

We got back together a few years later in every way, except sexually; we are made for each other. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love him. Despite the spark being reignited a little initially, the sex still isn’t there. I’ve tried to talk to him but I have got nowhere.

Friends say that I should give up as it’s obvious that he just doesn’t fancy me, but I know from his brother that I’m not the first girl he”s been like this with.

I know that often two people have different sex drives but his really is close to non-existent. He never masturbates, if he does get the occasional erection it doesn’t last. I can’t get through to him because every time I try and talk to him he shuts off. I’ve tried to bring up his past, talk about whether he fancies girls or boys but got nowhere.

I would love to go and talk to a therapist with him but know he’d never come.

What I really need to know is whether it’s possible for a bloke to have no sex drive at all. It’s affecting our relationship again but this time I want to sort it out.

There’s no one else I could want to be with. I feel shallow for making sex a big deal but at the end of the day it is. I have gone from being a very sexually confident person to constantly worrying about my figure, technique, you name it! Neither of us seems to initiate anything anymore! Who can help?


David writes:

Well, it’s nice that you love this guy so much. But it’s perfectly possible that he has no sex drive at all.

Obviously, another possibility is that deep down he is really gay.

Anyway, you’re not going to be able to change him. You’re now 27, and you must think carefully about whether you want to stay in this relationship forever.

Christine adds:

In such situations as this one, there is sometimes a sex problem, like the man’s inability to climax, or the man’s inability to maintain an erection. These problems can lead to the avoidance of sex. But what is noticeable in your guy’s case is that he just doesn’t seem interested.

If this is really true – and he is not quietly getting his kicks from porn on the Internet (which often happens when a couple are not having sex because of actual technical problems) – then I think it is just possible that he is one of those rare men who has virtually no sex drive.

Now that would be fine if you had none either. But you have. And if you are thinking of going in for a life-long commitment and children, then first of all you need to get him to perform so you can conceive kids, and secondly you have to try to ask yourself whether this relationship would be fulfilling enough for you were it never to become more sexual.

Now, it seems to me that you still think you can change this guy. But I think David may be right when he says you won’t be able to. If someone is not interested – as opposed to being someone who is interested but who has a performance problem – then that person usually cannot understand what all the fuss is about. And is unlikely to even want to try to change.

Now, it is just possible that he wants to hang on to you so much that he will agree to come and have some Relate counselling with you, but if he can’t or won’t do this, it seems to me that your only option is to deal with your sex drive another way.

In any event, it’s quite possible that even if he comes for counselling he will still have no sexual interest.

I’d love to wave a magic wand for you and tell you how to change your guy – but it sounds like if anyone is going to change it’s going to have to be you. Can you live this way forever? I personally doubt it – but I’m afraid no one can decide it for you. Sorry.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely

Dr David Delvin, GP and Christine Webber, Sex and Relationships Expert

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