A window to my world

uncertainties and plans

Sometimes life throws you with uncertainties that upset your plans. Sometime, the uncertainties thrown at you are better than what you planned. Human beings, fragile as they are.. fear uncertainties to no end. What if I die tmr? What if my plan won’t work? What if he doesn’t like me? What if this will come to nothing in the end?

Many times we have to make decisions. Some are painful, some are scary.. Some..we don’t know if it’s for better or worse.

Love is a very uncertain thing. A risky investment. That can bring you the highs and the lows. But, I always believe memories are worth the risks. This time round, I’m just as scared. Cos it’s a balancing act that I can’t screw. Yes. I can withdraw from the investment. But at what cost?

All I can pray is that I learn and grow as we move along. I shall remain optimistic and have faith that things work out for the best.

This is the beauty of uncertainty.


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