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cycling trip

Ok.. so yesterday I went out with Nick and Jack to ECP for our cycling trip. Though i was a total noob, it took me about half an hour to train and I was ready to cycle. Overall, it was a great day, all sunny [but too sunny sometimes] and I have 2 guys with me to catch me when I fall. =D So we cycled and I was still v noob so we had a few pauses.. and it ended with a crash and a bruised toe. lol. Ice packed it. [jack and nick says I like SM.. =_+ saddo machism]

I painted my nails white. so it was the only one that looks… grey. *see photo below.

It’s also today that I know all my close friends care a lot about me and are rather protective [lol I like to act like an injured kitty. ok. just tat I was really injured] Saw nick’s gentle giant side which would almost make him look like he was a bf [scandalous details shall not be disclosed to protect the innocent, lol]  Got to sit on nick’s huge bike which was so tall I had to first get on a bench and mount the bike.. [toe was hurting and it was hard to walk] then i got some lovely slippers that made walking a bit easier.

jack was nice not to ps [pang seh] me and took me to meet ben ^_^ haha. in good company the whole day. feels good. so yup, ben was also fussin over my poor toe a lil [shhh. dun say i said that] oops. its nt so private.. he might just see it. anyways. my toe is hurting less. Let’s hope it clears up before my next trip which is with sha jan and jack!!!! =D Yes. agrees that we need to change rental shop cos our toots were hurting. not telling you what toots are!


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  1. Hey Jasmine! Haha.. Oh dear… Do be careful.. Altho im well-known for inhuring myself also 😛

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