A window to my world

The joy and laughter
The smiles and secretes
And the bond we once shared
When you took my hand and pulled me out
Helped to show me a new light

But like everything else good in my life
You faded before my eyes
Stepped away and turned your back
Said you did not have enough time
Without even realizing what you were doing

Another piece of my heart dies with you
Held captive by that small hope for love
For a teacher to help me learn the ways of this world
To help me navigate the seas of this life

I almost wish I could let go
Fall into the emptiness that is always so close
Embrace the darkness and oblivion

So heres to you and sudden silence
I raise my glass in a silent salute
Drink fire till it burns your face from my memory
Consuming me till I’m lost to the flame
Till it is all I am
And all I am is it

The world spins all around
Line melting into dripping color
Spreading and mixing
Across the canvas of life
Blurring reality

I try to forget
Do anything to distract
I dance and laugh
But the cold inside is there
A constant reminder of the scar beneath

The questions pound a rhythm in my head
What did I do?
Was it something that I said?
How can you just walk away
And pretend we never spoke?
How can you just leave
And never look back?
In your eyes, I see no regrets
But when I look at you
I know I never will forget



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