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Volunteering at Cat Shelter

I know.. it’s pretty late now. But I’m used to weird sleeping patterns. Yes, it’s bad for health.. oh whatever. Anyway, yesterday [saturday] I went out to Metta Cat’s shelter with Seth [old friend], Sze Ying [nus cat cafe project coordinator] and her friend Lilian from Computing. Together with another guy called Yong He, we went to help out Justin [a full time volunteer there]

Let’s skip the boring stuff and bring out some highlights.

First.. I love Ace! I think that’s the name of the Labrador Retriever that guards the cats.. such a sweet boy.. he doesn’t bite and he licked my hand ^_^ i love big doggies.. heard that someone abandoned him long ago cos he was sick. Now he’s so big and strong! [i think he can fetch quite a high price. lol!]

So.. we went in… and we saw.. loads [I MEAN LOADS] of cats. some are in cages.. others are free to roam. Some have injuries… and some are sick. The REALLY sick ones.. looked damn dazed.. and there’s one that sticks out his tongue.. i guess that’s how cats say im sick. haha. poor things. Some sneeze a lot.. and they are like kids.. so I try to wipe their sneeze stuff.. if i can.

So, we divided our jobs.. I think I got the easier one first.. I just have to wash bowls ^_^ loads of bowls.. but it was fun.. cos i had a black cat supervising me on top [he was lying on a shelf facing me.. above the sink] i think it got boring and he fell asleep. then suddenly, curious kitties will jump to the side of the basin and make sure I wash the bowls clean. haha. nah. i guess I’m someone new and so they got close to see what i was doing to their bowls [put poison? hah]

there’s a small antic above and we had to climb up. naturally, that’s for the ‘upper class’ residents.. well somehow, the cats that are up their are prettier and healthier [sick ones don’t move around that much] and I learnt to carry them. [Thanks to Seth] The funny thing about the cats is that.. they like to block the ladder. =_+ yes, i know they can jump down and that’s nt an issue. but they ought to give some thoughts about us right? haha. anyway, we just have to shift them aside or just heck care and climb up and down.

Cleaning cat poo bins is no joke. It’s got to be really clean. And mr. justin is really serious as he quietly washes the bins.. Though he doesnt talk much, i believe he is a kind and serious person. =] Good for the cats.

Some cats are really pretty. I found a siamese chocolate point there! gosh i would have adopted him right away [it’s expensive to get them.. why are the owners so irresponsible?] There’s also garfield-ish lookin cats. Fat and pretty.

AND seriously, it’s not the cattery that smells bad.. it’s the surrounding dog areas that smell bad. tsk tsk.

I guess I’ll go back to help out if I can.. more so when I graduate. For now, I’m thinking of christmas presents for the kitties.. Some homemade scratchposts or toys or sth.. still thinkin..

If you are interested to volunteer at Metta Cats, you can click at the mettacat link at the side of my blog for more details. =] Buona Notte~~


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