A window to my world

Some feelings

I said it ended.
I said i’m out of this.
I thought i was.
I thought i’ve moved on.
I thought i found someone new.
I thought i went away.
But i’m still here, still here.
I thought i was the strong one,
now I know I am not.

I thought i left,
but i didn’t.
you left.
left me with a lie.
and i’ll swallow it down
as usual.
as always.

Written by Selene Goh, an old friend.

If we could go back to the past,
would things change?
would you still be the one
to make me laugh,
make me cry,
listen to me without asking why?

If I really let you go,
are you ready to fly?
without looking back,
looking at the things that you have left behind?
should I smile at the memories we shared..
and cry at the lost time we could have shared?

questions… will always be there
for I let you go too soon before i was ready
but now that you’re gone, do you feel free?
perhaps this is the way for you and me.

As I’m still here, stuck in the past
I pray you find your way
for you were never meant to stay
but only on my mind.

Written by me. Ok, I’m not as poetic. Is it touching? lol.


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