A window to my world

Finally. It’s just the end of one semester. Screwed some papers.. not sure if I should get upset or is I should blame myself. But seriously.. I think I need to work  a bit more.

The thing is SEVEN CORE is NOT normal. Never mind that my dad keeps saying I’m lazy. Never mind that he thinks that I’m gonna fail everything. I’ve tried as hard as I can.. studied as much as I can. That’s all. The minute he starts ranting, I start singing. haha.

Next sem there are 3 cores.. econs, finance and management. Shall work hard since i can’t f***ing count. Just got to enjoy my learning journey and not care too much about the grades. [WHICH IS THE ONLY THING DAD CARES ABOUT]

On a lighter note, I can’t wait to go out with my frenx!

Shopping with kelly, zhang li and jingy
Shopping with candice
Cycling Trip with jack and nick
Exhibition trip with ben
ZM hse party
Visit Mettacat with Sze Ying! (excited!)
Shopping for a new printer ~ loves HP 6500…
Upgrade mobile phone and plan
Maybe badminton with jack
I think that’s all so far..

I wanna thank kenny, kelly, ben and dad for being supportive in many ways more than one =] while I was having a hard time during the exam period.

* STAY TUNED – More kitties vid an pix up real soon!


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