A window to my world

I’m proud to say that I’ve gained the trusts of the 3 siblings -tiger, ginger and bella. Some quick updates: tiger loves it when i stroke him under the chi [now even more than ginger] cos he’d come to me and stretch out his long neck for a lovey dovey scratch. Also, if i put my hand in front, he won’t swat it like a peice of dangling meat [I can’t say the same for the other toys I dangle in front of him, lol.] So, what he does is to kinda give me a high five, without his claws extended =D And when my skirt got caught by his claws, he’d be very still and wait till I get it off.

Ginger’s same old.. boyish and affectionate. But he has bad blood with auntie and that makes him kinda anxious and timid.  Auntie’s same old annoying, always snatching food, always batting her 3 kids, always hissing at me when I refuse to put food down for her. Sigh. Can’t she learn from her children?

Bella’s uber sweet =] From the distrusting and timid gal when we first met, she’s changed to a docile and lovely momma. She’s lovely and responsible cos she has FOUR babies and they are well taken care of by her. All really cute [you’ll see some pix later] And as usual, tiger [the uncle now] loves to see his lil nephews and nieces. Kinda sad that they’d be put up for adoption when they are a bit older. But there’s just too many kitties around. I just wish they can send the 2 unfriendly kittens off and keep 2 of bella’s kids here =[

So what happened this morn was interesting. I just got to know from the caretaker that there were 4 kittens instead of 2. And they hide under the bridge. I tried to find them but they are just really shy and small so they didn’t come out..I kinda talked to bella and asked if I could see the babies. Then, she stood nearer to bridge and let out a meow~ and instantly 4 kitty heads pop out from the bridge/bushes and meowed back.

convo sounds like this to me

Bella: children, come on out! there’s some leftover cat food crumbs you can eat.
Children: ok momma! but.. there’s a human there.. you said we shouldn’t go near to humans??
Bella: Oh, she’s a good friend and she feeds us. Don’t worry, she won’t hurt you. Come out now darlings.
Children: *scurries to the food, tails all up in excitement

lol.. one of them came really close to me. I wanted to give it a biscuit but it turned and ran back to its brothers.


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