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Break from Hell.. looking on the bright side

Finally. It’s just the end of one semester. Screwed some papers.. not sure if I should get upset or is I should blame myself. But seriously.. I think I need to work  a bit more.

The thing is SEVEN CORE is NOT normal. Never mind that my dad keeps saying I’m lazy. Never mind that he thinks that I’m gonna fail everything. I’ve tried as hard as I can.. studied as much as I can. That’s all. The minute he starts ranting, I start singing. haha.

Next sem there are 3 cores.. econs, finance and management. Shall work hard since i can’t f***ing count. Just got to enjoy my learning journey and not care too much about the grades. [WHICH IS THE ONLY THING DAD CARES ABOUT]

On a lighter note, I can’t wait to go out with my frenx!

Shopping with kelly, zhang li and jingy
Shopping with candice
Cycling Trip with jack and nick
Exhibition trip with ben
ZM hse party
Visit Mettacat with Sze Ying! (excited!)
Shopping for a new printer ~ loves HP 6500…
Upgrade mobile phone and plan
Maybe badminton with jack
I think that’s all so far..

I wanna thank kenny, kelly, ben and dad for being supportive in many ways more than one =] while I was having a hard time during the exam period.

* STAY TUNED – More kitties vid an pix up real soon!








Looking back and forward

I blogged hopped abit and checked out my friends. Somehow I can’t help but feel that I’ve not done enough..

I know comparing and competing makes one more miserable. But.. am I settling for less? Could there be more? Am I fully using my capabilities? I’ve lost sight of my goals. Lost sight of myself. My targeted self. Because I’m just so short-sighted and caught up in the present.

I haven’t worked as hard as I could or should. But I’m not really complaining. Why do I need to work so hard and get all stressed up when what I am doing is ok? I’m not really after any scholarship. I just wanna graduate. Sounds really really unambitious right? [Taking 7 mods is rather ambitious but I’m doin as much damage control as I can]

Life is a lot easier for me right now, after making the major decision to switch major. Maybe it’s because I’m still deciding what I want to do with this course. I don’t feel the excitement as yet. I guess foundation modules are always not that exciting. But I’m looking forward to sem 2, with some more urban development, economics and whatnots.[AND LESS MODS]

I keep having frenx that tell me that B is not ok. Then another will say 3.7 is not ok. cos there’s 4. I asked another person and she said 4 is not ok, cos there’s 4.5. Seriously.. I admire their desire to get better grades. I’m not sure if I was ever like that. I doubt so. I was just interested in what I was doing and did my best. Right now.. I’m still searching for that key thing that makes me interested. Certainly not real estate law.. too much reading. I’m lookin at the planning part. I do like my lectures with Mr. Lim, the wise old man [as he calls himself] haha. he has 7 degrees! however, I don’t really like accounting and numbers. seriously. avoid avoid avoid. [im only gonna do that accountin question for his exam and that’s all!]

I think I might really be left with urban planning. But URA only hires one or two? SO IT STILL BOILS DOWN TO COMPETITION. Like it or not. Sigh. I think I’ve got to start doing some extra stuff that’s not just grades to set myself apart from the muggers.

Guess I should sleep now.

How to manage exam stress- 10 tips

It’s the exam period AGAIN [wth]. So.. why am I gonna talk abt managing exam stress? Well, first it’s a way for me to de-stress. Next, it helps you de-stress. Anyways.. im so freaking close to exams and i haven had time to revise my exam stuff. so bloody freaking screwed.


Anyway.. HOW TO DESTRESS? Here are some unique ways you can try.

  1. Masturbate [HAHA. I have a post on that a few days back. go check it out.]
  2. Call a fren and start talking abt what’s stressing you [try to keep it to less than an hr, if ur fren needs to mug [study] as well]
  3. Jump and sink into da pool. Just stay there for about 1 min and come back up for air. It’s a v great feeling.
  5. Write down what you want to do AFTER EXAMS, they are positive stuff that makes you happy
  6. hug a fren =] it works for me. cos I have nice frens to hug.  if you don’t have frens, hug ur bolster or bear
  7. Play with cats. That’s what I do when I’m stressed. I’ll stroke them and just spend time with them
  8. Listen to ur fav songs.
  9. Pray – if you are religious
  10. Sit on massage chair or get someone to massage you =]

ok! now my turn to get back to exams stuff. grr.


kittens riding roomba

aren’t they adorable? =p

Bella and her 4 adorable kitttens!

I’m proud to say that I’ve gained the trusts of the 3 siblings -tiger, ginger and bella. Some quick updates: tiger loves it when i stroke him under the chi [now even more than ginger] cos he’d come to me and stretch out his long neck for a lovey dovey scratch. Also, if i put my hand in front, he won’t swat it like a peice of dangling meat [I can’t say the same for the other toys I dangle in front of him, lol.] So, what he does is to kinda give me a high five, without his claws extended =D And when my skirt got caught by his claws, he’d be very still and wait till I get it off.

Ginger’s same old.. boyish and affectionate. But he has bad blood with auntie and that makes him kinda anxious and timid.  Auntie’s same old annoying, always snatching food, always batting her 3 kids, always hissing at me when I refuse to put food down for her. Sigh. Can’t she learn from her children?

Bella’s uber sweet =] From the distrusting and timid gal when we first met, she’s changed to a docile and lovely momma. She’s lovely and responsible cos she has FOUR babies and they are well taken care of by her. All really cute [you’ll see some pix later] And as usual, tiger [the uncle now] loves to see his lil nephews and nieces. Kinda sad that they’d be put up for adoption when they are a bit older. But there’s just too many kitties around. I just wish they can send the 2 unfriendly kittens off and keep 2 of bella’s kids here =[

So what happened this morn was interesting. I just got to know from the caretaker that there were 4 kittens instead of 2. And they hide under the bridge. I tried to find them but they are just really shy and small so they didn’t come out..I kinda talked to bella and asked if I could see the babies. Then, she stood nearer to bridge and let out a meow~ and instantly 4 kitty heads pop out from the bridge/bushes and meowed back.

convo sounds like this to me

Bella: children, come on out! there’s some leftover cat food crumbs you can eat.
Children: ok momma! but.. there’s a human there.. you said we shouldn’t go near to humans??
Bella: Oh, she’s a good friend and she feeds us. Don’t worry, she won’t hurt you. Come out now darlings.
Children: *scurries to the food, tails all up in excitement

lol.. one of them came really close to me. I wanted to give it a biscuit but it turned and ran back to its brothers.

Female Masturbation Guide from sexinfo101

Masturbation is not a shameful activity. I’m very sure almost everyone at least masturbated once in their life. And if you have not, well, you are denying of life’s best free gift. I think it’s good to explore ur own likes and dislikes in sexual terms. Masturbation helps to reduce stress and helps you sleep better. As a rough guide, 1 to 2 times daily is ok =] [um, that figure was researched]  the following article is taken from sexinfo101. um.. of course, that’s a rather adult webpage but it’s very comprehensive. =]

Masturbation gives women the opportunity to explore their body while at the same time giving them a high degree of sexual freedom. It allows them the opportunity to experience sexual pleasure without relying on a partner, and to release sexual tension when they feel the need to.

Masturbation can be a very empowering learning tool for women – it teaches them about their bodies, and how it responds to sexual stimulation. Many normal and healthy women only experience orgasm while masturbating, or find it is their most intense type of orgasm. Masturbation is the first and most important sexual skill a woman should learn, as it holds the key to enjoying other forms of sexual activity. Ideally, this skill is commenced early in life (preferably prior to the age of five), but far too often it is not learned until a woman is in her late teens or early twenties. This stems from the incorrect notion that children are entirely devoid of sexuality and that they must be protected from its ‘evils’. Children, especially infants, are incredibly curious individuals who will undoubtedly discover masturbation on their own. A parent, if they discover their child masturbating, should not chastise them for it, but rather, tell them about appropriate private and public behaviour.

However, not all women have negative views of masturbation, nor indeed do all women feel the need to masturbate. The point is that women are increasingly developing more positive attitudes towards masturbation and the pleasure it can bring them. If given the opportunity, women will often discuss their masturbation habits with pride, without the least amount of guilt.

Common Misconceptions

In spite of the sexual revolution, female masturbation is still somewhat taboo. Even though popular songs, movies and television make mention of female masturbation, it is not a common topic of discussion. People are more likely to make mention of males masturbating than females. It is a given that males masturbate, but for females, even though it might be commonly accepted that they do it, they are not expected to. If a woman does not know that her peers masturbate and that they presume that she does, she is less likely to do it … or if she does, she feels guilty for doing so. Since many women do not generally talk about it, it is often presumed that they do not masturbate.

Another common misconception of women is that if they have a partner, they should not feel the need to masturbate. Or if they are single, that masturbating would reinforce their single status; in other words, if they were not single, they would not have to masturbate. So instead of masturbating, some go in search of a partner. This is not the best solution and typically results in unfulfilled desires.

Since masturbation is seen as a “solo” activity, some women with partners do not feel it is appropriate for them to masturbate. If they have a partner, it is believed that their sexual activities with them should fulfil all their sexual needs. While a nice ideal, in real life a lot of women’s sexual needs are not met fully by their partner, no matter how good and loving a partner they have. For women with partners, it is important that they understand that it is perfectly healthy and normal for them to masturbate, and they should do so without feeling guilty. For many women the frequency with which they masturbate should not change when they go from being single to having a sexual partner. Some women may find they masturbate even more when they have a partner, as having a partner makes them feel more sexual, and increases their desire for sex and sexual pleasure.

While it is certainly untrue, the majority of people believe that women are less sexual than men. We are led to believe that women think about sex and desire sex much less. Society creates outcasts of women who are openly sexual. This results in women believing they should not have strong sexual feelings and desires. Unfortunately, many women are ashamed to admit they become ‘horny’. This results in women introverting and denying their own sexual feelings and desires. While a woman’s desire for sex may change with time as the result of hormonal influences, they are overall just as sexual as men. If a woman accepts that she is equally as sexual as a man, she is more likely to feel comfortable with her desire to masturbate.

Why Masturbate?

The main reason a woman should masturbate is because it feels good. Women with strong sex drives may masturbate frequently, but a woman should not forgo masturbating just because she does not have a strong sex drive. Even if she has no desire for partner sex, she should still enjoy giving herself pleasure. The fact that pre-adolescent girls masturbate proves that hormonally induced sex drives are not the only reason to masturbate; young girls do it for no other reason than it feels good. There is nothing wrong with a woman giving herself pleasure on a daily basis, or as often as she desires. For masturbation to be pleasurable it does not have to end in orgasm. Masturbation may involve nothing more than placing your hands against your vulva when you go to sleep at night, simply because it feels good.

There are times in all relationships when a partner is not available for sex when you desire it, even when they sleep beside you. Couples frequently have different levels of sex drive, and expectations regarding physical intimacy. This is why women frequently masturbate secretively in the shower, or masturbate silently in the early morning hours while their sleeping partner lies beside them. Masturbating when you have a partner is normal and a woman should not feel ashamed for doing so. Most women have probably done it at some point in their relationship. It is often a necessity. Forgoing masturbation and sexual pleasure when you need it simply because you have a partner does harm to you and your relationship, because you will slowly begin to blame them for your sexual frustration. As your sexual frustration grows, so does your frustration with the relationship.

If a woman does not know how to sexually satisfy herself, then how can she expect her partner to know? Learning about her own body, how it responds and then teaching this to her partner is a great way to ensure that she gets the most out of her whole sexual experience. Don’t be shy ladies … share that knowledge and you will never regret it!

Masturbation Techniques

Women and girls masturbate in an endless list of ways. Common methods are, massaging of the clitoris with hands and fingers, rubbing the vulva up against pillows, bed cloths, stuffed animals and furniture, etc. The vagina appears to play a limited role in the masturbation practices of women, but vaginal penetration during masturbation is by no means unusual or uncommon. Some women employ anal and/or nipple stimulation in addition to clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

It is important to understand that there is no “correct” or “right” way to masturbate. Some women feel they should be able to masturbate to orgasm using a different or more correct method because they hear other women do it that way. It is important to keep in mind that each woman’s anatomy is slightly different and her psychological makeup is quite different. This results in every woman masturbating differently, even if they use the same basic technique. While some women can masturbate to orgasm employing several different techniques, others find they can reach orgasm only when they use the same method each time. There is nothing wrong with this. Due to conditioning and the differences in women’s bodies, learning new techniques for some can be difficult. If you are orgasmic with your current masturbation technique, feel free to experiment, but do not feel you have to reach orgasm in other ways. Remember, masturbation is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, no matter how you do it.

Here are some tips for the beginner – or anyone looking to improve their repertoire:

    The Beginner

    When you have relaxed your body lie on a bed, or sit in a comfortable chair, and explore your nude or semi-nude body. Run your fingers and hands across your body. Explore your breasts and play with your nipples; caress your legs and thighs. Cup your vulva in your hand and gently rub in small circles. Stimulate your body, but do not try to reach orgasm. Make yourself feel good. If you feel yourself get tense, stop what you are doing, breath deeply and relax. Do this exercise as often as possible, but for no longer than 20 minutes per session. Do not tire or stress yourself out. The point of this exercise is to make you feel good while staying relaxed, not to have an orgasm. You want to feel a little aroused, but at peace – not compelled to go further.

    After you become comfortable exploring and touching your body you will want to try more direct means of stimulating your vulva. Slip your fingers between the folds of your vulva and massage and play with your inner labia, perhaps pulling on them lightly or firmly. Slip your fingers up to the top of your vulva and place them on top of your clitoris. Gently move your fingers up and down, around, and perhaps even wildly jiggle them. Make the loose tissue covering your clitoris slide across the body and glans of your clitoris. If you feel a need to be filled, insert a finger or two into your vagina. You want to make yourself feel really good, but you do not want to intentionally try to have an orgasm. If an orgasm occurs, you want it to be a total surprise. If you are thinking about having an orgasm, you need to slow down, relax, and redirect your thoughts. You do not want your brain to know you are about to have an orgasm.

    You may not experience orgasm the first few times, so do not try to. Just enjoy the pleasures of touching yourself. If you get to a point where you suddenly find your body is super-tense, you are trying too hard. Try to enjoy yourself, not orgasm. You want to surprise yourself with an orgasm. If you feel yourself on the verge of orgasm, but cannot get there, you are probably trying too hard; you cannot force your body to have an orgasm. The more you concentrate on trying to have an orgasm, the less likely you are to have one.

    Clitoral Stimulation

    Using your hands and fingers, stimulate (rub, stroke, pinch, etc) the clitoris with one or more fingers or the palm of your hand. Some find direct contact with the clitoris too intense, and prefer stimulation near or around the clitoris. Others prefer to have a layer of clothing or some other fabric between the hand and clitoris. Try it both ways and see what works best for you.

    G-Spot Stimulation

    Inserting a vibrator or dildo into the vagina can help locate and stimulate your G-spot and offers a feeling of fullness in the vagina. You can locate your G-spot with your fingers, but it’s difficult to provide adequate stimulation through manual masturbation. Women who enjoy stimulation of the G-spot usually employ sexual toys to make it easier and more enjoyable.


    Vibrators are used primarily for clitoral stimulation, though many women also use them for vaginal or anal stimulation. They also may be combined with other toys and used in any number of positions. A good, discrete alternative to a vibrator for clitoral or anal stimulation is a massage wand. However, massage wands cannot be used for vaginal or anal penetration. To check out a wide selection of sex toys, please see our Sex Toy Reviews.

    Common, Everyday Objects

    Rub your clitoris against any soft, non-abrasive object (e.g., a pillow, the corner of a couch, etc.) and see if you enjoy the stimulation it provides.


    A detachable shower-head can be quite scintillating for just about any woman. The best shower available is the ones with the versatile control that switches the water from a steady stream to a pulsating jet spray. In hot tubs, avoid sending strong streams of water into the vagina; in extreme cases this can cause fatal air embolism!

    Play O (UTOPIA) Orgasmic Gel by Durex

    Try Play O … it is an unscented gel to be applied to the cllitoris and surrounding area. It uses a combination of ingredients designed to stimulate, increase desire and bring intense orgasms. We rated it a 8.5/10! Click here to check out our detailed review.


In closing, there is no right way to masturbate and there is no specific number of times you should do it per week. As long as you feel comfortable with the frequency at which you masturbate and the pleasure it provides you, then keep on doing it. Masturbation is normal and should be pleasurable, so find out what you like the best and then show your partner, if you have one, how they can help please you properly.

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