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Cat family gathering!

Haha.. went feeding this morn.. and instead of the usual 3, I saw da kittens, da alpha male, and a v bothersome female.  oh and ginger with tiger. [bella was missing in da morn]

It was interesting to see them interact. Though I don’t like the hissing and angry meows from one female. I calling her auntie. Cos she’s so like an auntie! Happy also meow, not happy also meow.. EAT also meow. she was literally chewing on the biscuit and meowing at the same time. Probably saying ‘why so little food?’ that sorta stuff. And she’s really such a bitch. Baby kitty wants to eat from the main area and she pawed and hisses at baby! Kinda saying ‘back off you puss kid! Know your status! I’m da elder here! and so I eat da food. wahaha.’ And poor baby was so scared, he hissed in fear. I think the babies [they are brothers] have a fearful upbringing and so they are not close to humans. It’s really unlike ginger and tiger who have so much trust in humans. Loves ginger cos he always comes over for a nice head scratch and rolls over to show he trusts me =]

As for the Alpha male, HE’S GOT HUGE BALLS. haha. and his meow sounds different from the others. Only when he starts meowing, will it silence auntie. Maybe he’s saying ‘shut up or i’ll tear ur lips!’ generally, no one dares to get close to da alpha guy unless alpha approaches. but I think he fathered the babies.. cos they seem quite comfortable in his presence and they sniff each other’s noses. [its to determine whether they are related or not] at least, babies are not hissing at daddy. haha.

And I feel a bit bad today, woke scruffy up.. it lifted its head gently, lookin at me with half opened eyes.. and meowed sleepily ‘oh, it’s you..’ then it stretched and got up to greet me. And started to follow me though I showed her I’ve got no food. Even when I ran, she ran after me! =x Had to act angry to get her to stop. she looks so hurtx n confused. sigh. hope she forgives me when i get her food on wednesday =]

I have some cool pix. =] have a look


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