A window to my world

Well, today’s the second day I went feeding the lovely kitties at MD block (Science Fac) Scruffy is near the canteen area. I lured scruffy to me the other three.. as we went closer… scruffy paused. she could smell them a meter away. and she was growling.. as if she was saying *uh.. im nt going there.. that’s nt my territory.

But i was wilful and shook my cat food box at the middle place between them. but when da 3 saw scruffy, they were tensed.. tiger’s tail started standing up stiff and slowly [body lang = I dun like you] suddenly.. someone came over, and the 4 ran in the opposite direction. I felt really bad.. cos I caused them stressed. And scruffy was angry at me for a moment.. I tried to touch her and she was growling at me saying *I’m never gonna go back there ok! *threatens me with her sharp claws. but she was nice, cos afterall, I love them all and i still give her the remaining food in my box.

Some angmoh lecturer walked passed and talked to me, saying it’s good that I was luring scruffy away from the canteen [hygeine issues] but actually i was just trying to take her to meet the others.

Anyway, here are some cute pix today. Tiger and bella still wun let me touch them. but tiger’s a bit better today cos he sat right by my side [there’s food there] but bella still wun take my food unless i stay like 3 steps away from her.

I think scruffy’s preggy.. her tummy is gettin bigger.. and her nipples seems swollen with milk. But i tot she’s sterilized? She’s really tired.. walks a few steps, take a rest.. never mind, we’ll know soon. =]

Alright. More updates next time!


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