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jassy is back

and she’s so fat. =p



New Cat Food!

I decided to get a 1.5 kg pack. it’s $7.35. That’s cheaper than buying $3.80 pack for 510 g =] Got a 2litre box to store quite a bit of it. Filled up the box and I had extra for a 510g bag n a 200ml box. lol just nice. That should last till november? Wonder if the cats will forget me after december =[
Doesn't he look like the floor tiles? lol
Doesn’t he look like the floor tiles? lol
here's 1.2 kg of cat food

here's 1.2 kg of cat foodnew food!

wet treat!

wet treat!

“]shape of cat food =]

shape of cat food =


The truth about the 4 cats

I finally understand why the group tolerated auntie cat. It’s because, SHE’S THE MOTHER of the other 3. OMG. how can she be so fierce and her children so cute?!! sigh. No wonder they have to share food with her, though quite reluctantly.

Ginger and Tiger are brothers and bella’s the little sis. Kinda explains why they are always together. They survived together! So I guess they look out for each other

Tiger’s really playful. He just walked up to Ginger and wrestled with him. But Ginny’s fat and lazy.. prefers not to play. loves to let me touch him n rest. ahaha. Maybe I’ll get a toy for Tiger in December =]

some updates!

I’m terribly sorry for my inactivity.. sigh. too much homework. i barely have time to sleep. anyways, i’ll show u da kitties!



baby wondergirls!

Join NUS Cat Cafe!

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