A window to my world

awesome dream!

Well.. I was tired and took a nap. Then I had a really great dream!

Actually, I almost can’t remember everything. But it started with 2 kitties that didn’t really trust me. Then, there was this bad guy that was trying to kill us. We ran for our lives and somehow there was a pool. He fell into it. and there was some electric cable. One kitty dropped it into the pool and da bad guy got electrocuted.

We were really happy! One gray said ‘xia dao’ which means she was frightened. and the other with white fur and black spots said ‘haha’ shaking from side to side in a relaxed manner. White kitty was so happy and she kissed me!  And we decided to go home together.

Gray cat was rather old.. she couldn’t keep up and so I offered to carry her. In the dream, I really was clumsy carrying her, just like in real life. But after awhile it was ok. We proceeded to a french street shop. I can’t remember the name but we ate there and went home.

I got into some committee for taking care of cats. And the seniors were thinkin of promoting me. They were saying, who could be a better candidate?

Then I woke up.


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