A window to my world

there’s lots of debate on whether sexual orientation is genetic (nature) or conditioned (nuture)

since i’m no scientist, i cannot guarantee any correct factual answer. but all i can suggest is, maybe, just maybe, there is a mini gene that tweaks how the brain thinks. And when it affects the brain, it produces hormones that allows same sex attraction.

what about those that had male partners but changed to female ones? i have a few theories.

1) it’s about culture: sometimes, gals liked guys cos they are conditioned in such a way and families and friends disapprove of relationships that are not of the ‘right’ gender match.

2) the gene took some time to turn on. this can be possible cos there’s a time switch for some genes.

3) they were not exposed to explore their sexual orientation with women until recently.

4) they turned to women after they lost interest in men [who sometimes do not know how to satisfy women like women do]

It’s a pity I haven’t dated a woman. Don’t know how it feels like. But if I ever have a chance, I’ll write it down. =]

How to know if you [woman] are a les:

test (BANANA VS. PAPAYA]  between seeing a dick and seeing a boobie, which do u prefer/fantasize about?


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