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angry cat. look who’s boss!

I’d imagine da bossy cat was like saying to da black one..

Boss: What the hell are you doing here? Don’t you know that this is MY TERRITORY?! How DARE YOU lay your filthy paws on MY TURF!

blackie: *tails tucked. I’m sorrry, I’m sorry. I’m new here. Pls.. forgive.. me, sir.

Boss: From now on, you are not allowed to come here unless I say so! And if you do come here, you have to bring me food! YOU HEAR ME?

blackie: yeee..ss.. i.. hearrrrr u.


blackie: tail quivering in fear* Yes sir!

Boss: Now that’s my good kitty.



Comments on: "angry cat. look who’s boss!" (2)

  1. BOSS: YOU %&(%%!@#*(&%^#$^@#…
    blackie (rolls eyes and thinks): What ever…

    • Boss: I want you to find me 4 gals! u hear me?!

      Blackie: yes yes [but thinking] ‘after i screw them first! haha’

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