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haha. that’s for laughs alright?

Let’s get to da topic. 😉

well, if u refer to my earlier post, https://firesparks.wordpress.com/2009/09/01/when-straight-women-turn-gay/

I touched a little on kids. First, I would like you to read this short article that I find quite interesting and relevant. http://news.ucsf.edu/releases/new-research-finds-children-of-lesbians-thriving-and-equal-to-national-norm/

Ok, I’m not gonna go into details of how you can get a kid if you are a homosexual couple. Basically, u can adopt, or go get sperm from a bank, or surrogate mom if you’re a guy. I’m kinda keen on the idea of cloning. I mean, won’t it be cool if ur kid looks just like da younger you?! haha.. but it’s still debatable. Sometimes, something is new and people don’t dare to do things for fear of consequences. But to me, I think we can go for it first, on a small scale basis for interested volunteers then we decide based on studies. It’s no use talking on and on.. if you don’t try.

I think it’s not easy for kids to understand the concept from a young age [like when they are around 12 and having raging hormones] but seriously, it’s all a matter of getting used to the idea. Have it long enough, it becomes acceptable. Culture is the thing that makes or breaks ideas. Cos if your country is really god damn conservative, you’d be classified as ‘unfit’ and ostracised. Also, what about your family? Some parents are really understanding. Some just can’t accept it.

Anyway, I’m not advocating anything, what I’m saying.. most homophiles should already know. But what I wanna say is, don’t be afraid to see who you are. Cos, it’s only when you are who you want to be that you can truly be happy and at peace. [OF COS, i don’t mean that u should like just go f*** around la. please.] but really, have a good relationship with the inner you. then, ask yourself what is it that makes you happy. [again, apart from instant gratification]

alright ppl. i neeed to dooooo hoooomeeework. before it piles up again. =D


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