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Cohabitation vows =p

it’s funny.  but it’s very common

Reason: Couples choose to live together so as to ‘try out’ and if it doesn’t work well, couples can split up and move on. So it kinda, gives you the sexual freedom without the duties.  And both parties are consenting.

Personally, I think this is where you lose some and you gain some. I mean, if you have sex and if say da gal gets pregnant, then what happens? Are you gonna take up the responsibility? The thing is what is the basis for cohabitation?

If it’s just for your self interests of sex, it’s not really a good idea. But, if you believe you really love the person and will work out anything with her, and think that da marriage is just a cert then, why not just get the cert?

I have come across lots of couples who are cohabiting. It’s good if all goes well. But if it doesn’t, then just be prepared for the cost you have initially agreed to let yourself deal with.

BUT BUT: I always thought that homosexuals can cohabit. Mostly because the sex doesn’t have chance of having kids. [And assuming da couple is free from STD, it’s good!]

What’s your stance?


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