A window to my world


Have I told you guys I’m facinated with animal courtships? lol.

Virgin queen bees that survive to adulthood without being killed by their rivals (talk about female competition for getting the guy) will select about a dozen male drones from tens of thousands of eligible suitors (I have no idea what they’re attracted to) and go on a little mating flight. These chosen few get a crack at having their way with the Queen. The thanks one of the drones gets for being successful is that his sperm-transferring member explodes and snaps off inside the Queen. The male dies from being disemboweled. What can possibly be the justification for this? Well…the penis acts as a genital plug guaranteeing that other male drones don’t get to fertilize her. May the best genes win! Isn’t that worth dying for—one heady, explosive moment of love with the Queen? Come on, would you rather be an unfulfilled drone for the rest of your life?

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. I’m just not that twisted or imaginative. Aren’t we all beginning to feel a little bit sorry for the beleaguered males of the planet? Maybe a little bit more respectful, awed and impressed. What these guys go through! Okay, okay it’s not like the females don’t experience pain and suffering too, being stabbed, wounded and plugged. But sometimes, we gals just seem to sit around on our fat Nautilus shells waiting for a penis to float by.


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