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Cat n bdae

Saw da cat in pgp.. was really sad to see it so thin. It was quite scared of humans and we were sorta trespassing her territory. She hissed at us and showed her fangs. But after I showed her food, she stared marking me as part of her property! lol. and keeps rubbin her head on my butt. =_= din take pic cos she hops back and forth cos there’s a drain between us and she hops to da grassy area and back to us. She’s the noisiest cat i’ve ever seen. But I believe what she’d say would be something like.. ‘do u have food? any food huh? im so hungry u know? see im so skinny!’ sth like tat. she’s really malnutritioned.. not fat like my dear jassy milos. =[ who hasn’t been showing up =[

anyway, it’s sis’ bdae and i got some nice fruitcake pic to show =]


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