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Four-year-old recalls previous life!
By SP Singh in Ghaziabad
Friday, 01 August , 2003, 04:44

Believe it or not, a four year old child has fuelled discussion on re-birth. Aishwary resident of Chandner village in Ghaziabad not only remembers his previous birth but also went to the place where he actually lived with his wife and children. They were too happy to receive their father, even though, he happened to be a four year old child.

Aishwary has become cynosure of all eyes in Chandner. The re-birth story has been attracting curious visitors. Aishwary was born on January 26, 1999 in the family of one Mukesh Chauhan, a resident of village Chandner in Ghaziabad.

One day, the child told his father that he was an electrician and his name was Vir Pal. His father’s name was Mathan Singh and mother was Chandrawati. They were residents of Kamalpur of Bulandshahr district. He had two brothers and two sisters. He was married to Rani. He had three children. He used to live in Sohna road, Faridabad. He used to work at Vinayak factory at Ballabgarh. He died of electrocution while working on July 27, 1997.

His family initially took his utterings casually. But after the repeated narration of his previous birth, his father informed the villagers of Kamalpur and asked them to verify the facts. As the villagers came, the child reportedly recognised them and discussed his previous birth in detail.The villagers endorsed his claim and told the child’s family that his previous father Mathan Singh, now resides in DM colony, Bulandshahr. The present father of the child Aishwary took him to Kamalpur where the locals warmly greeted him. He recognised his uncle, aunt and his old friends.

The child also recognised his previous parents, brothers and sisters. Aishwary asked about his wife and children. The family took him to Faridabad where he met his wife and children.



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