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understanding kitty

guess what? kitty waited for me today near my house. =] she greeted me with a nice meow and rubbed against me. I realised how much she loves to play today. She loves to tunnel. If I squat, she’ll just run through quickly.. or just squeeze through the gap between the wall and my back =_+ then today, i sat with my knees bent point to the sky,so she tunneled through =] and so, she’s a lot more comfortable with me cos she likes to stretch herself out.. and tat happens when kitties are relaxed.

she trust me loads.. cos i pointed onto my lap and she slowly crawled and sat on my lap! gosh. pity my camera died by then i couldn’t take that. anyways, she started retracting n extending her claws.. i was getting a bit edgy wondering if she was gonna scratch me or gonna sink those claws in my thighs. I didn’t think she was expressing her contentment and saying she feels pampered  till I read about it today! =] lol.. she’s treating me like her mummy!

Kneading is when a cat extends and retracts its claws, usually when it is resting on its owner’s lap. This behaviour comes from kittenhood, kittens knead their mother while suckling to make the milk flow more freely. Adult cats will do this when they feel safe and contented. They see their owners as surrogate mothers and, as pampered pets, will retain some kitten characteristics through their adult life. If the cat dribbles or sucking of the owners clothes happens whilst kneading, the cat in question will probably have been taken from its mother too early and never had a chance to grow out of the behaviour naturally. These behaviours are usually for life.




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