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First Feeding!!!! =]

I fed my first stray today! Despite the fact that I was starving, da cat got to eat first. lol. I saw a totally black one too but it ran when it saw me. =[ but hid under da van. so i sit there, waitin for him to be ok. but he wasnt.. i just thew food in and he happily ate there. he once walked closer to me, but seein tt i was still there.. he decided to continue hiding..

a few reasons why he din come over

1) I’m marked by da first kitty’s scent so he doesnt like it

2) I smell bad =_+

3) he’s damn shy.

oh well, wat ever..

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8buACiHY8U here’s da link on some cat training i did today.

and.. well, i just realised that my ex bf looks like a kitty. guess that’s why i fell for him. he’s fiercely independent. but i guess a kitty is way more affectionate.. =[ if u dun believe, check out the photos urself.


Comments on: "First Feeding!!!! =]" (2)

  1. Haha! Good that you started feeding one alr 😀 Dun worry.. Perhaps the shy cat is just a slow-warmer 🙂 Just have to slowly let it know you can be trusted 🙂

    • heehee. da cat goddess in me is slowly coming out =p i hope i’m immune to kitty germs. but anyways i always wash my hands after play with kitties before classes since im a kid 😉 wonders if i’ll look like a cat like B******* =P

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