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first meeting

i met 3 huge kitties and 2 kittens. got hissed at by kittens.. which got me abit upset but i understand..their mummy taught them not to be too frenly with strangers. anyway, im sure they’ll like me one day. big kitties are scared but at least there’s one that’s nice and let me pet her ^_^



It’s back to those, I don’t feel good kinda days. I just want to sleep and I get really pissed when people try to wake me up, either by scaring me, or shouting at me or threatening me. its so fucking irritatng.

*shrugs.  pissed.

the time traveler’s wife


LMAO why chris hit rhianna

poor NUS grad


For once, I’m really glad that I’m a gal. Cos.. NO ONE WILL KNOW IM HORNY. cos i wun shoot anything even if im wet. LOL

ok. i do feel sad for this guy. i mean.. if he really has this prob, he can’t control it. seriously. a dick has its own mind. i believe =p n his is just really wild.



It’s a really awesome love story. I’d love to meet a guy like cory. loves cats, funny guy, happy smile.. sigh. but im nt a pretty gal. lol.

they married this yr =] have fun cory + steph =]

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