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ESTP – The Doer
You have some unique traits specific to your personality type. Your skill of observation makes you very good at accurately analyzing other people’s motives and perspectives. This gives you an advantage when interacting with people which makes you good in careers involving sales and negotiation. You also function well in emergency or crisis situations do to your ability to react quickly and effectively to immediate needs. You enjoy new experiences and don’t mind dealing with different types of people. You do not enjoy overly structured environments and tend to prefer immediate gratification for your actions. You should choose careers that involve people skills and avoid ones with routine, detailed work.

Some of your personality traits include:

* Action-oriented
* Live in the present
* Dislike abstract theory without practical application
* Like to see immediate results for your efforts
* Fast-paced and energetic
* Flexible and adaptable
* Resourceful
* Seldom work from a plan – make things up as you go
* Fun to be around
* Highly observant
* Excellent memory for details
* Excellent people skills
* Good-natured
* Excellent ability to see an immediate problem and quickly devise a solution
* Attracted to adventure and risk
* May be flashy or showy
* Like initiating things – not necessarily following them through to completion

Some of your suggested careers are:

* Sales Representative
* Marketing Personnel
* Police / Detective Work
* Paramedic / Emergency Medical Technician
* PC Technician or Network Cabler
* Computer Technical Support
* Entrepreneur

Apparently, stress has changed me even more… ENFP -> ENFJ -> ESTP -> ?

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