A window to my world

trying so hard.

Went to da clinic.. trip and fell =_+ sigh.. such an embarrassment.

Anyway, da doctor is really funny. So ok, I have gastric stuff n all cos of da jab. And I tot I had cervical cancer cos of some symptoms. But she really sucked at asking qns.

1) have u had sex?

2) could you be pregnant?

Uh.. I think the questions should be reversed? =_+ anyways.. its a no to both probs. if u r wondering.

Anyway.. today’s the 5th crying day. But it’s different cos I had a fren to cry to. And we hugged too. Been so hug deprived. But I still feel sad. Maybe my sadness is a bottomless pit. I wish you well. Maybe your unfeeling ways is the only way to make me leave.


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