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A friend?

Hmm.. I have to say.. I was really lonely for the first day of lecture. I hated the chatter in the class. I believe this won’t be happening in some other country where undergraduates cannot be disciplined enough to remain silent. Ok.. maybe I had no one to talk to. =p But it was really distracting. I guess I’m growing up and understand why the lecturer wants us to be quiet.

So I have no friends.. I was walking out of the lecture hall and a gal who’s quite shy was following me. She went, ‘Um, excuse me? Sorry, excuse me?’

I turned around and ‘Hello, I just transfered from computing fac, can I join you for proj?’

Me: Uh.. sure… You are?

Her: Oh, I’m Hui Yi

Tada.. and my first ‘friend’ has approached me. I wonder why she eyed on me. Maybe I look approachable. =p Oh wells. Let’s hope stuff work out for the best. Hope she is a friend in the making.


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